SnoHub enters the Duluth market

Posted in Irrigation & Green Industry by Mary Elizabeth Willams-Villano

It’s yet another app-based service for people needing snow removal services.

There is another player in the app-based snow removal world, according to a story by Brooks Johnson in the Duluth NewsTribune. It’s called SnoHub, and it’s another “Uber or Lyft for snow removal” type company.

Like the popular ridesharing services, SnoHub uses a smartphone app to connect people who want to push snow with people who need it pushed. It’s yet another opportunity for landscape contractors who do snow removal to pick up business. And in this winter of the Polar Vortex, there should be plenty of work to go around.

The company has just added Duluth, Minnesota to its growing roster of markets, which includes cities in 23 U.S. states and the city of Calgary, Alberta, Canada. From its birthplace in the Northeast, it’s expanded across the Midwest and into the Rockies and now has about 30,000 customers.

“We’re happy to introduce our app to the folks of Duluth,” SnoHub CEO James Albis told Johnson. “Because of the intensity of the snow, it’s very important for us to be there.”

Albis said the app opens up snow removal jobs to anyone who wants them.

“The industry is pretty fragmented and not really efficient,” Albis told Johnson. “For an existing snow plow guy, or someone trying to get in there to earn a little extra money, now they don’t have to worry about the idiosyncrasies of finding customers and marketing.”

Albis has pushed the app from its birthplace in the Northeast across the Midwest and into the Rockies and now has about 30,000 customers.

Contractors who sign up with SnoHub keep 70 percent of the take with the other 30 percent going to SnoHub. Fees change based on the amount of work requested. For instance, an order to clear up to 50 feet of walkways and 30 feet of sidewalk would cost about $41 after taxes. To clear up to 100 feet each of walkway, sidewalk and driveway, without salt, would cost approximately $88.87.

“The reception has gone quite well in other markets,” Albis told the reporter, “and we’d expect the same in Duluth.”

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