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Apps now helping with snow removal

Posted on MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) — It’s being called the Uber for snow removal, an app that allows you to request a snow plow, snow blower, or shovel for help removing snow. The CEO of SnoHub says there’s no contract and it typically costs between $49 and $99. “We are tapping into the on-demand economy,

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3 Ways To Avoid Shoveling Snow In New Jersey

Posted in Patch by Eric Kiefer Read some snow slaying suggestions for NJ senior citizens, disabled residents, tech lovers and people who simply hate to shovel.   Shoveling snow can be downright deadly if underestimated, some experts say. According to the Saint Barnabas Medical Center in Livingston, every year more than 11,500 people suffer a heart attack

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SnoHub Mobile App Debuts In Calgary, Canada

The Leading App for Snow Removal Now Available in Calgary for Consumers; Thousands of New Snow Clearing Jobs Available RIDGEFIELD, Conn., Dec. 17, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — SnoHub Inc., a consumer technology company focused on making life simpler and easier for home owners and on-demand workers through its SnoHub app announces its official expansion into Calgary, Canada. SnoHub, already in 19 states

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New app connects homeowners with snow removal help

Posted on Chicagoans know how to handle winter weather, but a new app might make it even easier. SnoHub is a new mobile app that allows users to summon help with shoveling snow without even putting on their boots. SnoHub CEO James Albis joined us at ABC7 to discuss the service.

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