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SnoHub enters the Duluth market

Posted in Irrigation & Green Industry by Mary Elizabeth Willams-Villano It’s yet another app-based service for people needing snow removal services. There is another player in the app-based snow removal world, according to a story by Brooks Johnson in the Duluth NewsTribune. It’s called SnoHub, and it’s another “Uber or Lyft for snow removal” type company. Like

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SnoHub App Reaches Twin Ports

Posted on Fox21 DULUTH, Minn. – A mobile app that makes it easier to order up someone to remove snow from your property has made its way to Duluth. According to its website, SnoHub is a snow removal service that acts a lot like Uber where you can order snow removal on demand. Pricing is

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SnoHub brings snow removal to smartphones

Posted on Duluth News Tribune by Brooks Johnson Forgive the cliche, but there really is no better way to put this: It’s like Uber, but for snow removal. SnoHub connects plows and shovels with the people who need them through a smartphone app that looks and feels much like ridesharing apps. Pick a location, pick

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Snow removal app arrives just in time

Posted on by Tami Tremblay “SnoHub” is now available in Boise area, in time for this weekend’s snow storm. BOISE, Idaho — The snow removal app “SnoHub” is now available in the Treasure Valley. It matches customers with contractors. SnoHub operates like Uber or Lyft. You have an account, tell it what you need

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