On-demand snow removal app targets affluents in winter wonderlands

Posted on Luxury Daily By Sarah Ramirez

SnoHub, a full-service mobile application that offers on-demand snow clearing, is appealing to affluents as it looks to disrupt the $8 billion residential snow removal industry.

With the rapid rise of ridesharing services such as Uber and similar companies across sectors, consumers are growing more accustomed to brands that provide hassle-free, instant gratification solutions to everyday problems. SnoHub services are currently available in 31 markets and the company boasts more than 30,000 users. “We are a consumer technology company that offers a comprehensive solution to clear snow [including] snow plows, shovels, snow blowers, ice melt – pet friendly, of course,” said James Albis, CEO of SnoHub, New York. “We are not reliant on our own dedicated fleet of equipment,” he said. “We leverage the resources of the gig economy, hiring on-demand workers and equipment to meet demand, which is all managed through the SnoHub app.”

Streamlining snow removal
Through the SnoHub mobile app, customers can order snow removal services on-demand, including ahead of inclement weather.

Users are also shown the price for services before appointments are scheduled to avoid any last-minute surprises. Once a job is completed, customers receive before-and-after pictures.

These features are especially valuable as many of SnoHub’s customers do not reside at their snowy residences year-round and are requesting snow removal services from afar. Even those users who spend winters in snow-prone areas are time-poor and likely to outsource shoveling, which is an inconvenient and dangerous cold weather activity.

Among the upscale markets SnoHub services are Greenwich, CT; Aspen, CO and Park City, UT. “Our customers are upscale, modern, educated, affluent, enjoy technology and apps that make their lives easier, more transparent,” Mr. Albis said. “Many of our customers are snow birds who live in Miami and want to know what is going with their properties around the country. With the SnoHub app, they can do that.”

When launching SnoHub, Mr. Albis took inspiration from disruptors in other verticals, including Uber, Apple, JetBlue and Airbnb. In a similar manner as Uber and Airbnb, SnoHub relies on independent contractors to work with clients.

Snowy destinations
SnoHub has a presence near many ski resort destinations, which are important markets for luxury brands and high-end real estate.

For major ski areas, it is a seller’s market for luxury resorts due to a significant lack of inventory. Homes priced at less than $5 million in Aspen, CO saw a 20 percent drop in the number of sales due to a lack of listings on the market.

Affluent sellers are benefitting from a narrow market, with 21 homes sold above $7.5 million in the year-to-date, as they are able to avoid renegotiations. The average price of homes sold for more than $7.5 million was $11.8 million (see story).

Consumers are willing to spend to get services and purchases quicker, and they expect seamless experiences, according to Euromonitor. Technology is also playing a role in simplifying their lives, as they use technology to order ahead or schedule appointments (see story).

In addition to snow removal, SnowHub also plans to apply its technology solutions to other services, including grass cutting, pool cleaning and landscaping.

“We are also exploring more premium level services for customers who want and need immediate services,” Mr. Albis said. “Our platinum level service will afford service in the utmost importance of time, as our customers typically have no time to wait around and are willing to pay a premium for immediacy.”

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