Snow Clearing

Is Finally Here!

SnoHub has created a fully automated snow clearing service that makes snow clearing easy, convenient and completely hassle free.

No long term commitments, snow clearing in a snap.

Order Snow Clearing when YOU want it!

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Our Best Features


On Demand ordering

Order snow removal anywhere at anytime!

Order Before the Storm

Don't wait till it's too late, book your snow clearing in advance.

Track Order Status

Know exactly where your order is every step of the way.

View When Completed

SnoHub provides before and after photos of every job.

Phone & SMS Notices

Advanced open and secure communication to allow communication before, during and after job to ensure 100% quality and satisfaction.

Know Cost Ahead of Time

No more surprise charges, pay only for what you request and approve! All costs shown for approval before you request the job.

New Tip Feature

You can add $5, $10, $15, for a job well done!


Make more money $$$

Reserve up to 5 jobs at one time during or before a snow storm. Complete 10 Jobs within 24 hours Receive $25 Bonus. Contractors can potentially earn an additional $100 in Tips.

Phone & SMS Notices

Advanced open and secure communication tool allows for communication before, during and after job to ensure 100% quality.

View JOBS IN Advance

Know how much you will get for each job before you reserve or accept. Earn more income for additional service requests.

Verification Job Completion

The SnoHub automated process ensures contractors complete every task the customer ordered! By reducing mistakes and ensuring higher customer satisfaction.


Easily track the distance to your next job. Interface with both Waze & Google Maps.

Even More Features

Simple to book jobs, customer communication and getting paid in 3-4 days.

Flexible Service Requests To Meet Your Exact Needs!

Snow Plowing

Snow Shoveling

Snow Blowing


Connecting Customers

to Snow Clearing Contractors.

SnoHub is a sophisticated modern technology gateway that connects customers with snow removal contractors. SnoHub manages everything from the initial order, payment, and logistics. The SnoHub app works on all mobile devices, simply download the app in either the Apple or Google Play store.

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Contractors Work When You Want,

Use the Equipment You Have,
Earn What You Need!

Motivated contractors earn real income, don’t take our word for it, check out a number of video testimonials! Contractors can earn up to $800 in one Snow Event.

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